Stuck Indoors? Here's How to Keep Puzzling

For those safely at home, I imagine you want to keep your mind occupied as we get through these uncertain times. Since it seems best to avoid ordering things at the moment (we gotta think of those postal workers and delivery men too!) I thought it would be good to compile a list of puzzle resources and games that can be played online/at home.

I am also aiming to post a new puzzle online once a week for the foreseeable future, so keep an eye out on the PostCurious Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The first one is at the bottom of this post!

Free puzzles to play online

(Pictured: Wish You Were Here cover via Enigma Emporium)

UPDATE, APRIL 9, more free puzzles:

  • Alone Together is a cooperative online puzzle by Enchambered for 2 people to play from different locations. <45 minutes.

  • Palace Games has created online puzzles with 10 rooms so far, with more to be added. ~45-60 mins for the first 10. This one requires some googling.

  • Escape the Room Herndon has an online Harry Potter themed mini escape room. Great one to play with kids. ~30-40 minutes.

  • Scavenge in the Attic is a free print-and-play game for kids made by Clever Kids Mysteries

  • Be the Escape has created 2 virtual mini escape games with 2 more on the way. ~15-25 minutes

  • Escape From Home has 3 virtual escape rooms that can be played for free.