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Adrift is a poetic puzzletale from PostCurious in which players will take on the role of an expert dream interpreter in order to help someone understand the significance of the messages received through their subconscious. Solve your way through strange writings, beautiful illustrations, and various physical artifacts to discover a mysterious and ethereal world that will only further unfold in the following PostCurious release. 

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The Light in the Mist

Your friend’s mysterious disappearance results in the discovery of an unusual item, leading you to embark on a journey through time and memory. In this narrative puzzle adventure by PostCurious and Jack Fallows, an intimate coming-of-age story is told through an object that serves as a tarot deck, a puzzle game, and a work of art. You will need to manipulate cards, find hidden messages, and solve logic and word problems in order to uncover the deck’s secrets. Packed with gorgeous illustrations, resonant storytelling, and unique puzzles, The Light in the Mist can be played solo or cooperatively in a small group. It’s non-linear structure and varied puzzle difficulty will engage players of all experience levels with over five hours of gameplay. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges thrown your way without getting lost in the mist? Visit the Kickstarter page for more info about the game.

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The Emerald Flame

Commissioned by an organization shrouded in mystery, players take the role of a historical expert and embark on a quest to piece together a recipe for a transformative elixir by deciphering messages, interpreting strange alchemical diagrams, and manipulating curious objects. The Emerald Flame tells a vibrant story over three distinct episodes, each packed with hand-drawn illustrations, unique components, and original puzzles of varying difficulty, challenging and engaging players of all experience levels. Each of the three chapters takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, and can be played solo or in a small group. 


Players will also have access to free PDF translations of all the game text in German, French, and Spanish, making it easy for non-native English speakers to read the clues and letters in another language while solving the printed game materials

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The Tale of Ord (2018, limited release)
The Tale of Ord was a handmade limited edition narrative tabletop puzzle adventure in which you take the role of a private investigator tasked with finding two missing professors from the Emerens Institute, but when information is uncovered about a mysterious relic found by an archaeological team, you have the opportunity to change the course of destiny. Through four packages with an assortment of notes, articles, drawings, and strange artifacts, you set out on a journey to explore the supernatural forces of Norse mythology, attempting to learn the meaning of mysterious symbols as you progress through different puzzles and begin to unravel the secrets of fate and time. All 4 packages were shipped in 1 box, each containing a variety of puzzles and approximately 3-4 hours of gameplay.
The Tale of Ord is now sold out, but we are working on a new and improved second edition! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.
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Special thanks for The Tale of Ord: E. Orlov, F. Bolles, Alex Rosenthal, Hillary Manning, R. Rekhler, Ayodhya Ouditt, K. Ottinger, V. Rosenfeld, M. Poplawska, M. Hochler, Samantha Dempsey, T. Wagner, R. Byrne, A. Dupuy, C.J. Smith, M. Casadevall, B. Kuehner, B. Chang, Edouard Daunas, Gregg Lempp, David Gill, Vilray Bolles, Jessica Banks, T. Hui, M. Massalone, M. Parks, A. O’Connell, S. Persaud, A. Bulseco, Kevin MacLeod, and David & Lisa Spira.

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Whisper in the Woods (2020, limited release)
Whisper in the Woods was a limited edition (40 copies) standalone puzzle game released for the winter holidays in 2020. It expanded on the stories found in The Tale of Ord and The Emerald Flame with a missing girl, a lake brimming with magic, and strange symbols on a box mailed to your door. Contained in a handcrafted wooden puzzle box, players received personalized letters, hand-aged documents, wooden ornaments, a limited edition enamel pin, and a refill for the consumable components in the game.

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