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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hint 1
    The journal says that before you can coordinate any travel, you need to make ends meet… and something about... into the fold?
  • Hint 2
    Use the existing folds of the map as your starting guide.
  • Hint 3
    Fold the left and right sides to match up with the existing folds in the map. Then fold down the top and bottom to match the snake pattern in the background.
  • Hint 4
    You have 8 sets of coordinates. Have you tried locating those spots on the map?
  • Hint 5
    A=1, Z=26
  • Hint 6
  • Hint 7
    Each city should yield a number when the letters are added up. Read the solution in two rows, left to right, noting the symbols that come after the parentheses.
  • Hint 8
    Use those geocoordinates to find the runestone.
  • View Solution (Are you sure?)
    59° 52′ 42″ N, 17° 40′ 58″ E VAKSALA STONE
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