Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt 2019

The Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt 2019 was posted over Easter weekend in three parts. Images with eggs were hidden throughout the website and PostCurious social media. All the images needed to solve the puzzles have been gathered in the two slideshows below, but please note that these require outside research to solve. The puzzles need to be solved in sequence, as you will need the answer from image 1 to solve image 2, and the solution from image 2 to solve image 3. The final answer will be two words. Hints and answer verification can be found below.
Puzzle Images
Easter Eggs

Image 1 (Friday)
Image 2 (Saturday)
Image 3 (Sunday)
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Hint 5

. If you search the image, you should be able to find the two people to be St. Cyril and St, Methodius. Find out more about them.