Whisper in the Woods

This holiday season, PostCurious is proud to present Whisper in the Woods, a limited edition standalone puzzle game expanding on the stories found in The Tale of Ord and The Emerald Flame. A missing girl, a lake brimming with magic, and strange symbols on the box mailed to your door—can you reveal their connections and save a life?


Contained in a handcrafted wooden puzzle box, players will receive personalized letters, hand-aged documents, wooden ornaments, and a limited edition enamel pin. With only 40 copies available, PostCurious invites you to celebrate the season and the new year with an unforgettable addition to the saga reviewers call a “wildly unique experience.”


About 1-2 hours of gameplay, and each copy includes a refill for the consumable components so the game can be replayed. An online hint system will be available.

Whisper in the Woods

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    Orders will ship by mid-December. Order by Dec 10 for delivery by Christmas in the US. (Non-US orders will go out as soon as possible, but since international shipping can be rather unpredictable, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date.)

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